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Jason T April 22nd, 2015
Just passed my test first time today thanks to Say, I couldn't thank him enough! He is a very experienced instructor, never misses anything- so you learn from your mistakes. He is extremely friendly- great to have a laugh with whilst quickly getting you above test standard with his engaging lessons! There was never a dull lesson and I can confidently encourage anyone who is wanting to learn to drive to book their lessons with Say.

Rajani March 31st, 2015
I passed my driving test first time today after the incredible help I received from Say in my lessons! He has been very patient and provided a lot of knowledge to help me become a better driver. His encouragement and support was great and just what a new learner needs - I would really recommend him! Thank you Say!

Ria March 12th, 2015
I passed my test today, and I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. I always looked forward to my driving lessons, although initially I found it quite difficult, but Say always put me at ease. I don't think there was a lesson where I didn't make progress,everything was always incredibly well explained. Learning to drive with Say has not just enabled me to pass my test but I feel confident driving. Thanks for everything Say.

Shannon Vassell February 11th, 2015
I passed my test 1st time today and with only 20 lessons thanks to Say!!! He is a very experienced driving instructor who was always patient and very supportive. Unlike most driving instructors, he books the practical test for you, which ensures you are fully ready to take the test and this is shown by his high pass rates! There were never any lessons where I didn't learn anything, he'd always explain the skills I was going to learn and then straight away just let me practice them. My lessons were never wasted and I always looked forward to them. I would highly recommend Say to everyone I know, he has helped me to become a confident and safe driver. Thank you so much for everything Say!

Kirsten December 18th, 2014
Say taught both me and my mum and we both passed first time! Incredible instructor who was very patient and also very good at explaining and demonstrating. I now feel a confident and safe driver thanks to say. I'd recommend him to anyone!

laura Osborne December 17th, 2014
I cant recommend Say enough, I started my driving lessons as a very nervous learner with no confidence. He was extremely patient and explained everything to me so well. His great knowledge, encouragement and humour soon made learning to drive a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I passed my driving test first time with only two minors. Thank you so much for all the time and support you gave me, i couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor!! :)

Maty December 16th, 2014
Passed my test this morning thanks too say! Way better than my last driving instructor and taught me so much more, learning to drive was fun! Brilliant instructor! Thankyou :)

gemma Trodd December 11th, 2014
I passed today first time thanks to Say's fantastic teaching - he was always friendly and patient. I feel that I'm a safe, competent driver on the roads, not just capable of passing the test. Thank you!

Eleanor Smith October 2nd, 2014
Passed my driving test first time today! So happy, thank you so much Say! You're a fantastic instructor and have been so supportive during my time learning to drive! I can't recommend Say enough! Thanks again :)

Shiv Tank August 13th, 2014
Where to start? Well today I passed my driving test first time with only two driver faults. Say is a fantastic driving instructor and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any new learner! Prior to my driving test, I was nervous but Say with his many years of expertise put me at ease and assured me I was ready for my test! However, Say's driving lessons are not typical and he continues to mix up his lessons to keep me interested and wanting to improve my skills further! I can't praise Say enough but a huge thank to him for putting up with me :)

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