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Jonah McSweeney October 29th, 2015
I passed my test first time today, thanks to all of the help and encouragement that Say has given me since I started. It's not just about passing a test and Say makes sure that you are ready to drive and helps to put you at ease with his laid back but consistently rigorous technique. I couldn't ask for a better instructor, especially as driving with Say removes the pressures of test dates and waiting lists. I would recommend him to anyone!

North adams October 15th, 2015
Passed my driving test first time today and all thanks to the brilliant Say. He was always patient with me and his advice and teaching was top quality. He's such a nice guy who you can easily get along with and have a laugh. It was a pleasure to have him teaching me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have lessons. Thanks Say!!

Lucy Bainbridge September 23rd, 2015
I have just passed my test with Say, he is the best instructor a person can ask for! He is understanding and the best at teaching new manouvers and steps along the way! He is such a friendly and kind person who can help people from all abilities, he is kind caring and would do anything to make you the best of your ability! I had such a laugh on all my lessons with him and there is never a dull moment, I would reccomend him to anyone! You will have the best experience with him and will pass with flying coulors! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, can't thank him enough! Thanks so much, Lucy

Akash Parmar September 3rd, 2015
I Passed my test today thanks to Say. He is a fantastic instructor and teaches you everything you need to know to drive. He is very patient and someone who can have a good laugh with. I hugely recommend Say to anyone who wants to learn to Drive. Thanks Say

Jasmine Dolly July 26th, 2015
I passed my test first time on Thursday and would definitely recommend Say to anyone! He is friendly, professional but able to have a good laugh which helped me relax into driving and be less nervous. I was quite unsure of what to expect but Say has made the whole experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, boosting my confidence and teaching me everything I needed to know, not just for passing my test but driving in general. Thanks so much Say!

Cameron July 16th, 2015
I passed my driving test first time today which wouldn't have been possible without Say! Say doesn't just teach you how to pass your driving test like most instructors do he goes further than that and teaches you how to be a good driver which is fantastic. I can now say that i will feel safe and comfortable on the roads in the knowledge that i have learnt the correct techniques and skills so that i can be a good driver all thanks to Say. Without a doubt the best instructor in Rugby and i would definitely recommend Say to anyone. Thank you very much Say!

Shivani Solanki July 15th, 2015
After learning for 2 years I passed my driving test first time today. Say is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend him. He detects your driving weaknesses and will advise accordingly to suit your driving experience and does it all so patiently. I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test without Say. I could not have asked for a better driving instructor!

Prien Mistry July 8th, 2015
I passed my driving test first time today. It took me a while, but thanks to Say I passed well and feel ready to start driving by myself. Say is undoubtedly a great driving instructor and you recognise that within the first few lessons of driving. The lessons themselves are good, clear and concise and you can always have a good laugh too. I would recommend Say to anyone without thinking twice and I'm glad I had such a great instructor. Thanks for everything Say.

Kishan July 2nd, 2015
Passed my test today and I would recommend Say to anyone who wants to learn to drive weather they are a eager learner or a nervous wreck when getting behind the wheel. Say didn't just teach me to pass my test but also taught me to drive with great confidence. The moment you get in the car it's obvious that he's got a ton of experience to help you learn, which are backed by his methods that are brilliant which helps certain aspects of driving easy to learn. Thanks Say! Your a top man!

Sam Barnes June 24th, 2015
Say doesn't just teach you how to pass you test. He does much more than that. Unlike with a lot of instructors, Say will teach you to drive confidently and conpetently and that is one of the many reasons he is so good. Today I passed first time and that is all down to the commitment that Say has to ensuring, no matter what situation may arise, I was ready for everything that could happen. These are skills I will always have and is why the students that pass under his tuition are among the better and more able drivers on the road. I particularly like his system of booking the test because I never needed to undergo the palaver of deciding a date and rushing through to get ready which could result in my failing. Instead, Say put me in once he knew I would pass. The figures speak better than my words can and they just go to show how much he strives to make sure everyone can do as well as they can. Every lesson was productive and I could see myself progressing all the time due to the very effective teaching method that Say has. He is a very good instructor for anyone looking to learn to drive and I am pleased to have been recommended to learn with him.

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