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George Smith February 11th, 2016
Passed my test first time today with say as my instructor and to be honest it was all down to him. Say was able to be really flexible with my lessons as I could only fit them between lessons which Say was able to do. Say made the big learning curve of driving enjoyable at every stage even with a couple of face palm moments produced by myself.I would recommend Say to anyone else wishing to learn to drive because he really does make the process so much easier. Cheers for everything Say

Ross Lienau February 4th, 2016
Say has now taught both me and my brother to drive and we have said the same things... Incredible instructor with enjoyable lessons! Say teaches in such a way that makes you feel comfortable to drive anywhere and everywhere after passing your test. I would highlighy recommend him as an instructor to anyone. Thanks again say!!

Ilona Blee January 29th, 2016
I went with Say as a few people had recommended him to me, and from looking on the website I saw there was a high first time pass rate. Great teacher, the handouts really helped me to learn after coming away from a lesson. Thanks for all your help Say! I feel confident in myself to drive and very pleased I managed to pass first time around :)

Ellen Plumbley December 10th, 2015
Passed my test first time today all thanks to Say. Such a great instructor and was able to put up with me throughout my long, long journey of learning to drive! Great teaching methods, always makes sure you're prepared and is such a lovely and funny instructor to learn with. Highly recommend, thank you!!

Raksha Jadav December 3rd, 2015
Well what can I are literally THE BEST driving instructor ever!!! Thank you for all your guidance and courage throughout this long journey 😂 Finally passed, first time with only 2 faults, thanks to you!! I couldn't have done it without you, thank you for putting up with me, and most of all thank you for believing in me, even when I didn't myself! You are literally the best! Enjoy the whiskey!! See you on the road 😁 Love Raksha xx

Alex Holton December 1st, 2015
I passed my test first time today (starting off the same as most on here) and Say has been fantastic in helping me do that. He has always been accommodating, even with me having to cancel various lessons due to being away, and his teaching style means that I now feel very comfortable driving and can safely get myself places rather than relying on my parents. The test booking system is fantastic, and it's meant that I haven't had to waste time waiting for the test. Overall he's been a fantastic teacher who I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn. Thanks Say!

Dominic Bolton November 26th, 2015
Thanks to Say, I passed my driving test first time today. Say's teaching was first class throughout my time learning to drive with him, and he always puts you at ease with his friendly and humorous manner. Say's teaching as a driving instructor means that I now feel confident and safe out on the roads - I couldn't be more grateful. The unique test booking system that Say uses ensured that as soon as I was ready for my test, I took it, as opposed to joining the 6 week waiting list, and this is another asset to this great instructor. It is safe to say that I really enjoyed my lessons with Say, and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much Say!

Jonah McSweeney October 29th, 2015
I passed my test first time today, thanks to all of the help and encouragement that Say has given me since I started. It's not just about passing a test and Say makes sure that you are ready to drive and helps to put you at ease with his laid back but consistently rigorous technique. I couldn't ask for a better instructor, especially as driving with Say removes the pressures of test dates and waiting lists. I would recommend him to anyone!

North adams October 15th, 2015
Passed my driving test first time today and all thanks to the brilliant Say. He was always patient with me and his advice and teaching was top quality. He's such a nice guy who you can easily get along with and have a laugh. It was a pleasure to have him teaching me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have lessons. Thanks Say!!

Lucy Bainbridge September 23rd, 2015
I have just passed my test with Say, he is the best instructor a person can ask for! He is understanding and the best at teaching new manouvers and steps along the way! He is such a friendly and kind person who can help people from all abilities, he is kind caring and would do anything to make you the best of your ability! I had such a laugh on all my lessons with him and there is never a dull moment, I would reccomend him to anyone! You will have the best experience with him and will pass with flying coulors! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, can't thank him enough! Thanks so much, Lucy

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