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Lauren Green May 11th, 2017
Today marks one year since i first started learning to drive with Say. I was so nervous to start learning but within a matter of minutes i felt massively reassured that i was in safe hands. I've gone from being reluctant and nervous to the complete oposite, now i'm confident and happy when driving. Say's helped me massively - his belief in me helped me to believe in myself. A year on and today i passed my test first time, i cannot recommend Say enough! The absolute best at what he does. 10/10 - THANKYOU SAY!!!

Avanish Mistry April 6th, 2017
He is an absolutely fantastic instructor. As frustrated as I got, he managed to keep calm and helped me pass first time. 10/10 would recommend...Thanks Say

Ella Rogers April 5th, 2017
Can't thank Say enough for how much more confident I've become as a driver. Not only has he taught me so much but such a lovely man too. Would highly recommend him to anybody- Thank you Say!

Imi Oxborough February 16th, 2017
I passed my driving test first time today with just 1 minor! I would highly recommend Say as an instructor, he's very patient and highly reliable and left me feeling at ease and comfortable in his lessons. Thank you for all your help Say!

Ria Sangal February 14th, 2017
I cannot recommend Say enough! He's an excellent instructor and his easy-going manner and patience will make you feel comfortable and confident when driving. He's a great teacher and a good laugh. Thank you for everything!

Michael Pratt February 13th, 2017
Passed my driving test last Thursday first time! I would not hesitate to recommend Say to anyone looking to start driving; he's not only a great laugh but also an excellent teacher who knows absolutely everything about driving!

Cherilyn February 2nd, 2017
Say was recommended to me by a friend after getting taken for a fool by my old instructor and contacting him to arrange my first lesson was the best decision i ever made. Passed first time with 0 faults and feeling happy as ever all thanks to Say. Its not often you'll find an instructor that genuinely cares about making you feel comfortable and confident as a driver. Not only is he the best driving instructor ever but hes also a right laugh. I'm going to miss my Monday morning lessons gossiping about anything and everything, but all laughing aside this man always had faith in me and always proved me wrong when i said 'i cant do this'. I could not have passed without him. A* guy. Thank you for everything Say!

Amy Bowman November 24th, 2016
Passed my driving test today on my first attempt. I really enjoyed learning with Say, he made me feel at ease and much more confident. I would seriously recommend to anyone who wants to learn!

Katie Rogers October 24th, 2016
When I first started driving lessons with Say, I was quite a nervous driver! However, he was patient with me, and pushed me out of my comfort zone when needed. The mock tests we did before the real one ensured that I could perform to the optimum level even under pressure, and this helped me to pass my test first time. Would recommend!

Divian Mistry September 22nd, 2016
Today I passed my test! With the help of Say I was able to learn how to drive with his simple styles and techniques he allowed me to learn how to drive with ease. He is very calm and relaxed which allows you to focus and perform without feeling nervous. Also he is easy to get along with so it makes it easier for you to practise on what you struggle on without hesitating to ask as he will help you. He is the best instructor ever and has guided me through learning how to drive!!! 10/10 Thank you Say!

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