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Nichola June 9th, 2016
Passed my practical driving test today first time with only one minor! I wasn't really expecting that at all but I'm so happy with the outcome, I've used a few other instructors in rugby a few years back and I definitely think that Say had the best technique, patience and was able to make learning very enjoyable and from now on gave me a skill I will have for life! I recommend Say highly his teaching style would suit anyone, best instructor in rugby!!

Rob Emm May 8th, 2016
With the proficient and purposeful tuition of Say, I passed my practical test first time a couple of days ago on 06/05. I couldn't recommend him as a tutor highly enough - really very knowledgeable and pragmatic, and more importantly a sound guy to learn from. There really is no need to learn from anyone else, especially those who will just take your pounds for an unnecessarily prolonged period of time without putting you forward for your test. When you're ready to sit it, Say lets you know and everything is planned in advance which is a testament to his teaching. Cheers!

Ollie Howes April 28th, 2016
Passed my driving test first time today which I never thought I would be able to do, but thanks to Say I was prepared and became a more confident driver. Say is a great instructor and easy to get along with, I really enjoyed my lessons with him. I would definitely recommend Say to any new drivers. Thanks again Say!

Dharmesh Pankhania April 14th, 2016
Thanks to Say I passed my test today! He is a patient instructor with very helpful skills and techniques when learning with him, also he provides step by step guides for various secenarios when driving which gives confidence for any new learner who wishes to drive with him. Always has a smile on his face and i would recommend him to anyone who wants a license! Thanks again Say All the best

Anna Shepherd March 24th, 2016
I'm thrilled to say that I passed my test first time yesterday! It may have took me a little while... but thanks to Say putting up with me and my clumsiness I finally got there! He is very understanding, patient and is someone who you can have a good laugh with. The lessons themselves are clear and enjoyable, the demonstrations are easy to comprehend and the handouts given are very useful. I would highly recommend Say to those who are thinking of learning. Thanks again Say!

Charlotte Crowther March 17th, 2016
I passed my test today first time and I couldn't have done it without Say! He ensures that all his pupils have a thorough understanding of every aspect of driving, with the use of handouts and a booklet which are very useful for consolidating your learning at home. He is very patient and adapts his teaching approach to fit each individual pupil. If you learn to drive with Say you won't just pass your test, you'll be a safe and confident driver as well. I highly recommend anyone in the Rugby area wanting to learn how to drive to contact Say!

Harry Brignal March 16th, 2016
Thanks to Say, I passed my driving test first time today. I don't think I would have been able to pass so fast had it not been for Say; his approach to teaching through the use of handouts and clear explanation allows you to really understand what is required, and is very beneficial to remind you what you should do when practicing outside of lessons. I was unlucky and had a test cancelled due to bad weather, which meant I would usually have had to wait another 6 weeks for a test, however Say's booking system enabled me to have a test just one week after the cancellation, which I wouldn't have been able to do anywhere else. Thanks very much Say, I will highly recommend you to anyone that wants to learn to drive!

Sharnie Gohil March 10th, 2016

I passed my driving test first time today and I couldn't have done it without the help of Say. He is such a patient person and makes sure you have a thorough understanding of a topic before proceeding on the next, especially with all of his little notes and diagrams! He is a really funny person to be around and made every lesson such a laugh! He put up with my stupidity on my long journey of learning to drive and I have to give it to him for that!! I strongly recommend Say to anyone that is learning to drive around Rugby. Thank you once again Say and I will see you on the road :)

Curtley Bale March 2nd, 2016
Thanks to Say, I passed my driving test first time today. His friendly and humorous manner instantly puts you at ease in the car. His methods are incredibly easy to get your head around, something which allows you to get it right. Along with demonstrations, Say also gives you a run down of everything you may encounter on the road. This has given me great confidence for every situation that I will face whilst driving. Additionally, the unique booking system used means you get to take your test when you're ready as opposed to having to wait six weeks for a slot. I am very grateful for Say's hard work and commitment and would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent driving instructor in the Rugby area.

Ben Malin February 19th, 2016
I passed my test first time today, thanks to Say Parmar. He was a wonderful teacher, always calm with me and very patient. He approached my teaching in a very friendly way, allowing me to drive at the best of my abilities. The booking system which he uses meant that I did not have to wait very long for my test, I had it as soon as he thought I was ready. Say was an incredible teacher and I would fully recommend him to anybody.

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