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Wendy Hadley February 14th, 2019
Big thank you to Say for teaching my son Austin to learn to drive. Austin passed first time today and we cant thank Say enough for his perseverance and professionalism. There's been great communication between Say and myself during the last 8 months too. I also believe Say's charges are very competitive having shopped around before booking with him. Thanks again Say!

Lucy H February 6th, 2019
Thanks to Say, I passed my driving test first time. The lessons were enjoyable and he was very patient when teaching me.

Isaac December 13th, 2018
I passed first time today, this would not have been possible without Say. He is very easy to get along with and he ensured I understood each topic thoroughly before moving on. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting a reliable instructor.

Jake Linton November 30th, 2018
Passed my driving test first time!! Really enjoyed learning with you Say, thank you!

Chloe Smith October 10th, 2018
Passed second time; Say has been an amazing help giving me the physical skills for driving but also helping me to be more confident and not doubt myself when driving. Couldn't say thank you enough.

Emma August 23rd, 2018
Thanks to Say today I passed first time. Learning from stratch with him was great as I learnt everything thoroughly and to a high standard. I could not recommend him enough. He teaches people to a high standard and allows us to develope our skills.

Callum Whiteside August 15th, 2018
Passed my test today first time thanks to a comprehensive and thorough series of lessons with Say. I came to Say from a previous instructor and I can say without doubt I noticed the difference in the quality of teaching and the attention to detail that is paid to every aspect of your driving. He offered a very relaxed learning atmosphere whilst ensuring that every lesson was made productive and led me a step closer to passing my test. Couldn’t have asked for more from an instructor!

Olivia Trodd August 2nd, 2018
Say was a great teacher, I was so unsure and nervous to begin with but he kept my confidence up and ensured me that if I listen to him I will pass. I passed with 2 minors and i’m so happy, Say booked my test for me which meant that when i knew I was doing my test I was ready for them and confident enough on the roads. He’d ask me what I wanted to do and how to improve each manoveure to ensure that I believed in myself. Definately recommend

Kasia July 9th, 2018
Passed today, I’m so happy, thank you for all your help, I can go home to Poland happy with my license.

George Drew June 19th, 2018
Say is a great instructor who knows how to not only make you pass your test (first time!) but also to be a confident, economic and proficient driver. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

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