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Natasha payne March 21st, 2018
I passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors with Say!! Couldnt have done it without him he has taught me to be a confident driver and everything i need to know as a driver, cant recommend him enough!!

Ned March 14th, 2018
Only when and passed my driving test today 1st time round, cheers for all your help :)

Ellie evans March 8th, 2018
I passed my driving test today first time after learning with Say. I cannot recommend him enough. He’s so lovely and calm, never stressing, just all round a really nice man and I know I couldn’t have passed first time without him. He’s amazing.

Abi Bolton February 24th, 2018
I would highly recommend Say to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He is very thorough in his teaching and does not force you to move on to the next skills until he feels you are absolutely ready, ensuring that his teaching is tailored to the individual. I was very nervous to begin with- even at the thought of being in a car with a total stranger! I honestly thought I would never pass, thus I considered swapping to an automatic but Say reassured me and has been so patient throughout. Very easy to get on with, I couldn't have picked a better person to teach me to drive. Somehow with your help I managed to pass first time, enabling me to be much more independent. Thank you for all your help I couldn't be more grateful!

Leena mistry February 15th, 2018
Say was recommended to me by a few friends and I completely understand why... he is a fantastic driving instructor! He is extremely patient, friendly and thorough in his teaching. As someone who lacked confidence, Say would encourage me and ensure that my understanding was correct. His teaching methods are brilliant, and the use of the materials he provided really helped me to better understand. Thanks Say for not giving up on me, and for helping me pass first time! I would happily recommend you to anyone!

Naomi Cook December 1st, 2017
I'm not a naturally good driver I found and Say stuck with me through all the stressful times. He is a very thorough instructor and extremely good: won't put you in to a test until he know's you have the capacity to pass! (hence why all the first time passes!)

Alex Smith November 22nd, 2017
Say is a fantastic instructor who enabled me to pass 1st time ! He is very easy to get on with which makes learning to drive interesting and enjoyable. He goes above and beyond not just to ensure that you pass your test, but more so, that you become a safe driver. I would recommend Say without reservation !

Amy Barnes November 15th, 2017
Say is an excellent driving structure and helped me to pass first time! Despite any nerves Say is always calm and reassuring to improve driving and confidence. Lessons are always fun and productive and I couldn't recommend him enough!

Josh Mcsweeney November 10th, 2017
Say is a great instructor who always found time to work around plans that I had and is clearly an experienced instructor. I passed my test first time this week, all thanks to Say. I would definitely recommend learning with Say to anyone.

Sanika Desai August 17th, 2017
Say has been my second driving instructor, and I should say, this was the best choice I made. I passed first time today with only 1 fault. He is an extremely practical driving instructor, calm (such an important trait!), makes you feel at ease and helps you understand the art of driving extremely logically. He is someone who will assist you to learn to drive long-term and not just to pass the driving test. I have always enjoyed my sessions with him as you constantly get to learn something new. I would definitely recommend Say to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you so much, Say! :)

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