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Tom R August 15th, 2009
Say is a brilliant teacher, I passed first time just last week. He's really patient and explains things in great depth to give you a better understanding, I highly recomend Say to everyone looking to have lessons.

Rosh C August 11th, 2009

Say is an excellent instructor. To begin with i had no confidence at all but he really boosted me up and rate him for putting up with my dopeyness!! Passed first time which i never imagined would be possible. Highly recommended. Really easy to get along with and makes lessons interesting and fun and puts things into perspective in a common sense form. Thanks

Gareth Obie August 8th, 2009


Big up to Say who got me through my test only this week (Wed).  I have a lot of respect for Say as an instructor and a person.  He persisted with me and made sure that i was as ready as could be for the big day - passed first time.  His methods and techniques definetly worked for me.  He makes sure that the essentials off driving are your priorities and that sets you up for the rest, so i highly, highly recommend him.  Thanks again.

Jodene E June 20th, 2009

Say is an outstanding driving instructor, thanks to his unique methods and techniques of learning I was able to understand how to drive safley and efficiently, and as a result passed first time with 1 driver fault ! something i never thought i could do having come from another instructor, no names mentioned cough m....n cough !  I was able to see the MAJOR difference in teaching styles and over all quality. So many thanks Say, I  have and would recommended him to anyone learning to drive ! 

Shanil M June 20th, 2009

I started learning with Say after he helped my sister pass, so he must be a miracle worker. I was very nervous about learning to drive but the teaching approach was excellent. The thing i most appreciate when i was learing to drive was being taught the basics well such as clutch control, if you can't do that while learning then forget it. i would describe the teaching as well structured and paced to an individuals level. So overall I think it goes without saying that i would not hesistate to recommend Say!!!!!!!

Lloyd E June 17th, 2009

Say is a brilliant instructor - very positive, friendly and totally professional in what he does. Through his use of clear diagrams and his easy-to-follow teaching methods he makes the potentially daunting task of driving seem like a breeze. I feel very lucky actually to have found Say - he's definitely a notch above the rest and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Say :)

Indy B May 27th, 2009
Deciding to take my lessons with Say was a brilliant decision!! He is a patient teacher and if the first explanation doesn't sink in he'll explain it in a different way so you are bound to get it. It is his calm and laid back approach that improves your confidence. The worst thing you can have is a teacher who makes you panic. He lets you make your mistakes and then tells you how to put them right, with the use of diagrams too!
I passed first time and i genuinely recommend him to friends and family!!

Sheena S April 17th, 2009

Say is a brilliant driving instructor. When I began my lessons, I was apprehensive and nervous. Say helped me to gain confidence and most importantly good driving skills. His approach to teaching is very unique, both in theory and in practice. He is always willing to help and is really friendly. He never gave up on me either, and without his help I couldn't have passed - Thank you Say! I would recommend him to anyone that is currently looking for a great driving instructor.

Nishma S April 14th, 2009

When looking for a driving instructor, a few friends recommened Say and it was a really good decision to make. He has a great teaching method and can adapt his teaching depending on how you learn best. He teaches you how to be a vey capable driver and always has confidence in you even if you don't have it in yourself. I would definitely recommend Say to anyone who is looking for a really good driving instructor.

Reena T April 13th, 2009

Say has a very different approach to teaching driving. He uses various diagrams and visual aids that will guarantee you a pass! I was a very hesitant driver and had very low levels of confidence when I first started. He was superb! He would always be extremely patient, and had more confidence in me than I even had in myself. I can recommend Say to anybody and personally would give him 10 out of 10 for is expertise in the field of driving. Most importantly I enjoyed my lessons with Say and hence passed first time. Thank you Say!

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