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Ravi July 28th, 2010

Big thanks to Say for teaching me how to drive safely on the roads and how not to become a typical clown in a car. He is very patient and gives you alot of confidence in yourself to become a better driver. I would recomend Say to anyone who wants to get their test done with no faffing around. His teaching technique is fantastic and he tells you the complete truth and gets straight to the point.  Unlike other driving instructors, he spends more time on the road with you than being on the side of the road talking about the theory. He doesn't create a tense atmosphere during your driving lesson as he is a good laugh with quality humour.

I passed today on my  first attempt with only 2 driver faults !

Thanks a lot mate for all the help...


Luke H July 27th, 2010
Finally passed my test today 1st time with 6 minors, thanks for being patient when I made my mistakes and for teaching me to drive well.

Roshan Mistry July 20th, 2010

Woooooooooooooooo I passed today with much thanx and help to the good man himself Say, He always kept his cool when ever I used to do stupid mistakes and is great in pointing people in the right direction when it comes to over coming tasks. He is the best instructor out there in Rugby. Thanks a lot Say !

Rehan July 8th, 2010
If Say can get rid of 8 years of bad habits then he must be a top driving instructor. Very patient and friendly with an excellent teaching technique In comparison to past driving instructor experiences. I passed today with only 5 faults on my 1st attempt and only 12 lessons. Say is easily the best, even though he is a Liverpool fan and insisted on wearing one of his 30 Liverpool tops for each of my lessons! Thanks Say!

Rubina M June 24th, 2010

Woohoo!! I passed my driving test today! I honestly didn't have much confidence in myself but Say knew I had the capability to pass and he was right! A brilliant instructor with the patience of a saint (haha) he will honestly guide you through the task of becoming a driver with ease. Having had someone else before him, I found such a difference when learning with Say as he made learning to drive a lot more easy. He doesn't teach you to pass your test, he actually teaches you to become a brilliant driver for life. Thanks Say for all your help, i'm sure you know how much it means to me to now say...I'm a driver!!

Mitesh M June 22nd, 2010

Say is an instructor who teaches you not only how to learn to drive...but to become a driver, and be like the other drivers on the road. His style of teaching follows common sense, and more on time on the road driving and less time on the side just talking. He puts confidence into you as a learner to ensure you can read the road. I would recommend Say to anyone wanting to learn driving properly. He is an excellent driving instructor with a passion for driving which shows both in his teaching and his high pass rates. I passed today with only 3 minors. Thanks for your help say.

James Oxborough June 10th, 2010

Say is a patient, friendly instructor who is very good at his job. I always felt comfortable driving with him and learned everything I needed to know for my test and driving afterwards and I passed today with only 4 faults. I would recommend Say to anyone and I can't imagine anyone better to learn to drive with. Thanks Say!

Aman Gakhal June 9th, 2010

yay! I passed today thanks to Say with only 4 minors,

He is really good and taught me everything I needed to learn to drive and pass. I definantly reccomend Say to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Krina May 26th, 2010
Say is calm and patient. He had faith in me till the end and pushed me to achieve the best. I remember saying that I want to go home and I'm not ready, but Say knew I could do it. I passed my driving first time round. I would recommend Say to anyone hands down. What he teaches is through his own experiences. He is honest and when you are doing something he will tell you.  I am on the road now and it is all down to Say.

Thank you very much

Hania Majcherczyk March 25th, 2010

Say is an excellent driving instructor; he is very thorough and adapts his driving tuition to suit his pupils. Although I passed my test over 7 years ago now (1st time) I still remember the day and know I wouldn't have been able to do it without Say as my instructor. My two sisters also had Say instructing them and they both passed 1st time too. He's the best you'll get in Rugby!

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