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Ben March 3rd, 2011
A couple of my friends recommended say to me, and I'm so glad they did!! I passed this morning first time, thanks to Say's brilliant teaching. He's an absolutely brilliant instructor; calm, patient, and explains things extremely well. He made learning to drive fun, and I will miss having someone to chat to now that I can drive on my own! If you want to learn well, and enjoy it...THEN LEARN WITH SAY!! I couldn't have asked for anyone better :) Thank you so much mate :) :)

Agata February 15th, 2011
Say is a brilliant driving instructor - very patient, friendly and really professional. He has an individual approach to every learner to make sure you do your best. The diagrams and special tips were really helpful and easy to understand.I passed 1st time today with only 3 driver faults. I highly recommend him to anyone :)) thanks, Say!:)

Chloe Allan February 3rd, 2011

I was recommended to say by my friend and have recommended him several times to my friends to! I passed my test first time today and cant wait to get insured and drive all the time. Thank you say for being a great teacher and for being so patient with my driving :)

Mel Hines November 3rd, 2010
Still can't believe I can drive Say!!!! I passed today first time with Say-and only 3 faults. I truly enjoyed learning with Say and his no-nonsense approach worked wonders. His knowledge is extensive and lessons were designed for my needs, there was no time wasting. The extra printouts I found extremely helpful. This is a dedicated instructor so if your serious about wanting to learn to drive then he is your man! Say-thanks for all your time... oh and patience!!!

Sukina Francis October 29th, 2010

I passed my test on Friday 29th October Woop Woop!!!   Say was recommended to me by my sister and two other friends, who all passed with Say. I was very impressed with all his methods of teaching, and his pride in his work. I do have a tendancy of complicating things, which indeed would drive you bit crazy! But thanks to Say and his  patience and great  teaching,we over came this. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. I really wasn't sure if I would pass even though Say did. He had predicted i'd get 6 faults, which was correct !! Thank you so much. I feel I can achieve anything now.

Katie Clarke October 21st, 2010

I passed first time yesterday with Say, I can honestly say he is one of the best, he is very patient and his teaching techniques are fantastic. His preprepared diagrams for manoeuvres are really helpful and shows he is dedicated to his job and he wants you to achieve the best you can. He is very friendly and his lessons were fitted to help me with my weaknesses. He is honest and lets you know what you are doing right and wrong. Im so pleased I had Say as an instructor and would recommend him to anyone. :P

Anna Speed September 16th, 2010

Passed my test today :) third time round  but I can't put that down to Say (I only got 2 faults which was thanks to him though). He really was a brilliant instructor. I can't fault him at all, the amount all my friends complain about their instructors makes me realise how good he really is. He was nice to talk to and was just a really nice guy. He was super helpful and I really do recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor in Rugby. Thanks so much Say :)

Kirstie O September 14th, 2010
I really can't speak more highly of Say and his ability as an instructor. I had previously failed two tests with a different instructor and had pretty much given up hope of passing. Say was extremely patient, fair and motivating and made me feel much more confident about my driving. Say invests a lot of time and effort in preparing resources to help with manouevres etc and is very committed to his job. He's also very friendly so you'll feel at ease with him when you're driving. I would say that the highest praise I can give Say is that he has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you pass your test but also to ensure you drive well and drive safely. Thanks Say :) It really means a lot!!

Melissa Batchlor September 10th, 2010
Big thankyou to Say for being patient with me. I took my time, but got there in the end; passing on wed with only 1 fault. Say is an excellent instructor, would highly recommend to all!

Jess Hunter August 3rd, 2010

I passed my test first time last Thursday :) A big thank you to Say for being so patient, especially when I lost my temper (frequently!) and for generally being such a great teacher! If he could teach me he can teach anyone and I definately recommend Say to anyone learning to drive :)

Thanks again!

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