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James Oxborough June 10th, 2010

Say is a patient, friendly instructor who is very good at his job. I always felt comfortable driving with him and learned everything I needed to know for my test and driving afterwards and I passed today with only 4 faults. I would recommend Say to anyone and I can't imagine anyone better to learn to drive with. Thanks Say!

Aman Gakhal June 9th, 2010

yay! I passed today thanks to Say with only 4 minors,

He is really good and taught me everything I needed to learn to drive and pass. I definantly reccomend Say to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Krina May 26th, 2010
Say is calm and patient. He had faith in me till the end and pushed me to achieve the best. I remember saying that I want to go home and I'm not ready, but Say knew I could do it. I passed my driving first time round. I would recommend Say to anyone hands down. What he teaches is through his own experiences. He is honest and when you are doing something he will tell you.  I am on the road now and it is all down to Say.

Thank you very much

Hania Majcherczyk March 25th, 2010

Say is an excellent driving instructor; he is very thorough and adapts his driving tuition to suit his pupils. Although I passed my test over 7 years ago now (1st time) I still remember the day and know I wouldn't have been able to do it without Say as my instructor. My two sisters also had Say instructing them and they both passed 1st time too. He's the best you'll get in Rugby!

Jenny Cook March 15th, 2010

I would recommend Say to anyone as a driving instructor. During my lessons I found that I wasn't restricted to a strict schedule and after learning the basics, each lesson was tailored to the areas I needed to improve on. Say won't just teach you how to pass the test but also how to drive safely and confidently. I passed today (15th March) first time with only two minors!

Jessica Fan March 1st, 2010
I would recommend Say highly, without any hesitation, to anyone learning to drive. He's an amazing instructor, extremely patient, with years of expertise, and a comprehensive knowledge of the tricks of the trade, which would not only almost guarantee you passing your test first time, but also to train you into an excellent driver. I'v just passed on the 24th feb 1st time !!!

Greg Muldoon March 1st, 2010

For anyone looking for a layed back yet extremely knowledgable instructor, then Say is the man you want to turn to. He knows what he's talking about and uses his years of experience to teach you what you need to know and delivers it with a calm manner. Im glad I went with him, and you will to. I passed last week with only 3 minors.

Ian C January 28th, 2010

Say, your a top class bloke. Thanks to you, I'v got my licience and now I'm back on track. Cheers mate ! If you want to learn to drive, Say's your man, give him a call and it will be the best decision you ever make. Cheers !!!!

Sally H December 15th, 2009

Say taught me to drive recently. I passed 1st time. All the lessons were enjoyable in a laid back manner but taught to a very high standard. Say really knows how to get the best out of you. If your looking for a brilliant driving instructor, call Say. I've recommended him to all my friends. Thanks Say

Amanda S November 30th, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, You are simply the best instructor around Say, I know cos i've been with 3 different instructors before I was recomended to come to you. The way you explained and showed me how to drive, made it so much easier to learn than what I was taught before. ANYONE looking for driving lessons, pick up the phone and call Say, it will be the best decision you ever make !!

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