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Jared Mcsweeney February 28th, 2013
I passed my driving test 1st time yesterday after several months of learning with Say. I would just like to thank him the support that he gave me, even when I wasn't always taking heed to what he was saying! He really knows what he's doing when it comes to teaching and I would strongly recommend him to anyone that wants to become a competent driver as well as passing their test first time! Thanks a lot Say

Danielle Malin February 26th, 2013
I passed my driving test first time today with 3 minors and I know it was all down to Say's great teaching and support, even at times when I'm sure he must have been exasperated deep down (when trying to complete a reverse around the corner for the 5th time in a row). However, he was never anything but patient and helpful, especially in comparison to stories of other driving instructors. He made me have the confidence in myself to pass my test and left me with a huge amount of knowledge to make sure I would not be faced with anything that I could not cope with. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn to drive because he gives exactly the support you need, when you need it. Not only this, but he is a person to whom nothing would be too much trouble for, being dropped off at school, or my house, and is genuinely interested in your progress. Thank you so much, it will be strange to no longer have driving lessons with you!

Robert Chan February 21st, 2013
Passed my driving test today.I would like to say that Say is an excellent teacher and mentor with a plethora of experience in teaching people to drive. From my time with Say I have found him to be both friendly and patient whilst having the expertise to spot any flaws or faults in your driving and the knowledge of how to correct them. Honestly if you are looking for a quality driving instructor, Say is the way!

Adam Yates February 5th, 2013
I passed my driving test first time today with only 4 minors.Big thank you to Say he has been a great instructor.I would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving. Many thanks to Say

Olivia Smith December 6th, 2012
I passed my driving test today with Say's help! I'm so glad I changed instructors as I definitely couldn't have done it without you! I would highly recommend Say to anyone wanting to learn to drive, he's a brilliant instructor who will go out of his way to help you to pass and become a confident, great driver!! Thanks again for all your help Say! :D

Seana Corry November 21st, 2012

I have just passed my driving test with Say's help. I could not have asked for a more enthusiastic, honest, encouraging and EXTREMELY patient instructor! I highly recommend learning to drive with Say - don't waste your money with anyone else! Thanks Say.

Jacki Muldoon November 16th, 2012

I passed my test first time today and would like to thank Say to for all his help and patients. Say is a very kind and considerant instructor and I would'nt have gone with any one else. Thank you Say !


Tanisha Katie October 4th, 2012

I have just passed my test first time with IDT & I was very impressed with my whole learning to drive experience. Say  was extremely patient, kind & encouraging, I never would have been able to do it without him. Anyone who is learning to drive or considering learning should go with Say, it's money well spent, don't waste money with anyone else. I would like to thank Say for all his hard work, encouragement & support.


Huw Janes September 25th, 2012
Just passed this morning on my first attempt. Say's a great teacher - he gives you everything that you need to learn quickly and safely. He's enthusiastic and honest with you throughout the entire process and will help you to reach a standard of driving that allows you to feel confident when on the road. Thanks Say.

Sam Norman September 19th, 2012

Passed My test today with only 1 fault, Say is a great teacher, I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning to drive, thanks Say for all your help.

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